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Ocean Buddies

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Vol. 10

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Vol. 10

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Ons jubileumprogramma

We vieren onze 10e verjaardag!

Met nieuwe records in windsurfen en ijszwemmen, toegewijde milieuactivisten en de ambitieuze Cubaanse surfgemeenschap. En natuurlijk met jullie – Tot ziens op tour!

Vol. 10

Havana Libre

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Vol. 10

The Return to Antarctica

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Vol. 10

Born to Windsurf

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Vol. 10

Ice Mermaid

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Vol. 10

Older Than Trees

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"For everyone who loves the ocean - touching and moving stories about the seven oceans"
— Pro7 Newstime

"For the tenth time, the organizers of the OCEAN FILM TOUR have put together a collection of outstanding documentaries."
— Tagesschau

"The blue wonder on the big screen"
— 3Sat, Kulturzeit

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We are celebrating 10 years!

Hello OCEAN LOVERS, ten years ago, we invited you to cast off with us for the first time. Since then, we have sailed, rowed, and swam around the globe together many times.

Ten years full of exciting sea-faring stories, unforgettable images, and uncomfortable truths are now behind us, and we are certain there is more to ‘sea’ and do. More films, more knowledge, more engagement, and more individual and collective accountability.

We thank you for being on board with us and look forward to the next ten years together!

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Hello Ocean Lover!

Abonneer je nu op de nieuwsbrief en blijf op de hoogte van de Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR en andere outdoor-events.

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Exclusive German premiere | Only in selected cinemas

Maya and The Wave

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Frank Gonzáles Guerra

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Melissa Kegler & Dan McComb

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Peter Hammarstedt

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